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2020-04-21,chat with 4d fans around the world shar

Link-Belt 245 X4 Spin Ace has won the EquipmentWatch 2020 Highest Retained Value Award in the Excavator Crawler Medium (21.1-50.0 MT) category!
The award is based on extensive analysis of millions of data records to determine which model series retain the highest percentage of its original value and lowest five-year total cost of ownership by reviewing the most popular equipment series observed on the resale channel in 2019. 245 X4 Spin Ace excavator, the 2020 HRVA winner, is built to exceed expectations. Perfect for urban construction and highway-street applications, 245 X4 Spin Ace can offer up to 10% reduction in cycle times over the previous model, as well as, improved fuel economy up to 5%.

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